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Sessions Modeling Studio

12627 San Jose Blvd.
Suite #401
Jacksonville, FL 32223

Tel: (904) 292-4366
Fax: (904) 292-3943
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For 36 years SESSIONS MODELING STUDIO has enjoyed all the excitement and success imaginable. Scouts have chosen Jacksonville's best and most beautiful right from our own neighborhoods- Careers have quietly begun (New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris and Miami) - all starting with one common element- SESSIONS STUDIO.


The nightmares and scams exist (even locally) but SESSIONS has long been a fighter for cleaning up an ailing industry. You don't have to spend a lot to find your success in modeling - forget the: Contests & Conventions, Pressure Sales, High Prices and Undeliverable Promises! At SESSIONS you'll find the right answers.

Owners, Mary Ann Angelloz and Rick Jones attribute its high success to helping Young Children, Teens, and Adults find their dreams and aspirations. No other studio in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida can do what we do for you! That's because our mission is to help you develop your unique "model image" with a winning portfolio - composite - runway skill - and ultimately a successful audition. Your achievement is our triumph.

Sounds expensive - it's only $250.00 to start! That's it! and guess what - it includes your first photo session free. If you've already started modeling then that's great - we will credit your past experience and kick-start you all over again. Our programs include 5 photo shoots* to create your look and 2 fashion shows to develop your runway performance.
*Teens and adults only

We do all this in our State-of-the-art modeling facility complete with In-house Hair Salon, Make-up Room, 800 sq. ft. Digital Photography Studio, 525 sq. ft. Runway, Sound System and room to seat 150 people for our in-house Fashion Shows. We are the Biggest Modeling Studio and Full Service Agency in Jacksonville!

We would like to make you part of our success………

Many former and present Miss Jacksonville's, Miss Florida's, Miss Teen Jacksonville's and Miss USA's have gotten their start right here at SESSIONS. We are the best in Jacksonville and we need you modeling. Step into the spotlight! Make your first step easy. Drop-in and ask for Mary Ann.

Find out how to GET STARTED! Children Curriculum or Teen and Older Curriculum.


Fashion FAQs and Fiction

Q: I want to be a model, but how do I do it?
A: We welcome anyone over the age of (3) to come-in and talk. You don't need: experience, pictures or a long resume. - Only the interest, desire and perseverance to work in a new direction. Then if you're lucky, something special may happen - But we can only teach you how to play the game, it's up to you to make the team and get in the game.

Q: Do I have to go to a modeling school?
A: No, but you have to bring some skill to the audition. You have to be able to compete. Any agency will have to train you if you are not ready. Sessions will help you develop your image, shoot your book, create your card, train you on the runway, and help to get you the audition.

Q: What qualities do agencies look for?
A: All markets are looking for something different - Jacksonville tends to be more conservative. Think of Kate Moss - At 5'7" and a body that's not all that curvy she's a major success. But she does have a great asset - The ability to communicate a " look, attitude and feeling" in pictures. She has created her own value.

Q: How much does it cost to get started?
A: Be sensible - spend only a little at the beginning and see how things go. If the chemistry and situation offer greater opportunities then dive-in deeper. Just avoid the pitfalls of committing 'big-dollars" at the beginning under a pressure sale. You don't have to!

Q: I'm only 5'4", am I too short?
A: For high fashion, probably so. But, that does not exclude you from what we do. You have a unique image that we want to help develop for petite modeling, print modeling, and local fashion shows. Even if you are the perfect height and model type, there are still no guarantees.

Q: Do I have to spend a lot of money
A: Absolutely not! But you will have to spend something for the basic tools to get you started. At Sessions we make it affordable for you.

Q: How much do models get paid?
A: Everything depends on your genetics, ability, and perseverance. When you just start out you may have to work for free, on up to those who have become very successful earning $1,000's of dollars per hour.

Q: How do I start a portfolio?
A: Photographs are 80% the Life of a model. They have to be powerful and truly represent your image. Sessions has the best fashion Photographer in town, with 30 years experience creating portfolio books.

Q: Is there a magic age to start modeling?
A: At Sessions, we start training models at the age of 3. In the business, models can be any age depending on what clients are looking for. There are Fashion Models and Lifestyle Models. Fashion Models sell clothes and are often tall and slim. Exceptions include Petite and Plus size categories. Lifestyle models can be babies to grandparents selling products in advertisements and commercials. At Sessions, we represent all ages and sizes depending on if you have the Look!

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